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Traumatic Childhood

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1Traumatic Childhood Empty Traumatic Childhood on Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:00 pm


I have been diagnosed with epilepsy for 16 yrs. now It was by an EEG that showed double temprol lobe.After that I have been on every AED known which has never completely controlled them. I have had positive and negative EEG's and at least 3 in hospital monitoring s.The number of different neuros can't be counted on one hand.
It wasn't before they actually put the grid on my brain and probes in it that they got a concrete view of epilepsy and removed my right temprol lobe. Even that did not totally erase my seizures and now I have just been told I have both epileptic and non-epileptic seizures.
I feel totally embarrassed and ashamed like I can start or stop them. I feel judged.
I am afraid of my next neuro exam I am being tried on a new AED and I think it has helped but feel like I will be "accused that my seizures are all anti-epleptic. I had an extemely traumatic childhood with some of the memories just now returning. Once I got rid of everything in my house that called was related to my childhood and some adulthood insidences it has seemed to help the Non-epleptic seizures but now some other wierd things are happening. I don't know what thy are and it scares me how they will be diagnosed. my surname for this site is HOPE please don't right me off. At the time I have no support.

2Traumatic Childhood Empty Re: Traumatic Childhood on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:09 pm


Hang in there Hope I have been battling non epileptic and epileptic seizures for 20 years. I had a brain tumor removed. You need to find the right doctors that dont make you feel ashamed. They have been doing alot more research for NES. Treatment for NES started for me with alot of psychological testing and an evaluation. Then usually individual and or group therapy. I get frustrated all the time. I completely understand your fear and frustration. Choosing the right doctors is most important if you arent comfortable with them it makes treatment that much harder I think anyway but thats just my opinion. Good luck with the new AED I hope it helps.. Mary

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