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Any Complimentary or alternative therapies?

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1Any Complimentary or alternative therapies? Empty Any Complimentary or alternative therapies? on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:21 am


Hi All
I am a researcher interested to study complimentary and alternative approaches to treating epilepsy. Can you let me know of things that DID or DIDNT work for you? This can include anything, from different diets or exercise plans or botanicals or other forms of medicine. This would be very interesting and important for my research. Thanks so much for your help!


Hi Shalini
my daughter (3 years old) has unusual benign partial epilepsy, since she has been diagnosed she has been on meds.



Hi Sophie
Thanks for your reply. Are you thinking of trying anything apart from meds for her?


My seizures reduced significantly after cutting caffeine and citric acid out of my dietary intake. Hope that helps Smile

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