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PLEASE READ Before Posting

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1PLEASE READ Before Posting Empty PLEASE READ Before Posting on Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:08 am


It may seem logical to place restrictions on athletes with epilepsy, but there are no studies to suggest that even contact sports exacerbate seizures, and there is ample evidence that exercise reduces seizure frequency and improves well-being. Thus, sports participation should generally be encouraged for epilepsy patients. The risk-benefit analysis for an individual patient is highly dependent on the athletic activity considered, type of seizure, the likelihood that a seizure will occur during the activity, and comorbid conditions.

In this area of the forum we will do our best to bring advice and guidelines on a range of sports that you may enjoy, including any particular risk factors. We recommend however that before taking up a sport, that you not only become aware of the guidelines but also discuss the sport in question with your medical practitioner to ensure your safety, as every person's epilepsy and / or seizure condition is unique and will affect which sports are suitable for you as an individual.

If you would like to share your sporting achievements, or ask about different sports, please do so by creating a New Topic.

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