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Hi from Ireland

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1Hi from Ireland Empty Hi from Ireland on Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:48 pm


My name is Jacqui. I am 34 years young, married and living in Ireland. I was diagnosed with JME (juvenile myoclonic epilepsy) in 2002. Ive been on every AED and have had a bad reaction on all. At the moment i am on a low dose of Epilim (400mg per day) and Just starting Zonegran (100mg per day). As with all the other meds I'm having bad side effects, just today i 'lost' it with my husband because i couldn't find a jumper to go to dinner in. I started crying hysterically. It has to be the meds. Im also having trouble with my body temp, stomach and sore throat.
If there is any one out there who is having any similar experiences please let me know.

Go raith mile maith agat Smile

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