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Atonic and Tonic Seizures

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1Atonic and Tonic Seizures Empty Atonic and Tonic Seizures on Tue Oct 13, 2009 2:59 am


Both atonic seizures, in which the person has a sudden loss of muscle strength, and tonic seizures, in which the person suddenly stiffens, often cause sudden falls with a high potential for injury. Because onset of the seizure and resulting fall occur in seconds, it is often difficult or impossible to intervene in time. Occasionally, the occurrence or increased frequency of other seizure types (absence or myoclonic seizures) provide a warning that an atonic or tonic seizure is about to happen and the person can sit or lie down. Those who have atonic or tonic seizures without warning need protective headgear and sometimes a face mask to prevent injury. Danmar helmets are made especially for this type of situation; hockey helmets also provide good protection.

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