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hi all from halifax

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1hi all from halifax Empty hi all from halifax on Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:37 pm


hi all am nick one of your friendly admins i have been suffering from epilepsy since 2004 i have recently been put on keppra and it is helping now i also take epilim and carbimazpine they all are working right at the moment.

i hope to see you all round the forums having fun and getting info



2hi all from halifax Empty Hello on Fri Jan 15, 2010 4:36 pm

Mr. Mikey

I have just joined this group / site and live in Dartmouth NS, across the harbour from you. I have been looking for someone to chat with on a one on one basis for a long time who is in a similar situtation and can understand isses as we / I discuss them.

Briefly, I have had epilepsy since I was 7 yrs old/ now 40 and find it is getting harder to cope with on a daily basis it seems as time passes. Not that the seizures are getting worse so much but ... I just dont really know how to explain it. About 3 yrs ago last April I went into seizures at the intersection of North Street by the MacDonald Bridge. These were status grandmal seizures that lasted for 24 hours. After I came out of the seizures I found my life changed dramitically in many ways. A definite decrease in memory, as well as a lot more , too much I feel to explain tonight.

Overall, I still live day to day as time passes but am looking for someone to chat with on a regular basis .



3hi all from halifax Empty Re: hi all from halifax on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:05 am


Hi Mikey and welcome to the forum

Sophie xx

4hi all from halifax Empty Re: hi all from halifax on Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:59 am


Hi welcome to the forum, take care luv Juliexx

5hi all from halifax Empty Re: hi all from halifax on Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:32 pm


Welcome to the site I hope that you find some positive feedback here. I know that i find it very comforting to speak to others about what my son is going through. I wish you the very best and hope that you find someone with similiar circumstances.
HUGS** Jacksmomma

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