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Hi from Ukraine

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1Hi from Ukraine Empty Hi from Ukraine on Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:29 am


Hi I am Laurel, Benaiah's mom. Benaiah is 26 mons old. He had a tramatic birth that left him with left hemiplegia. As a new born he had clonus, at 7 mon he started head drops which the Neuro in Chicago said was behavior. We had a eeg at 9 mons, at 10 a MRI which both came back normal. Fast forward to last Dec, Benaiah had a febrile seizure but we didn't know he had a fever, then in May he had another head drop which he fell flat on his face, a few weeks later he was puking and he was chewing weird and we could not get his attention. In June, he had another eeg which came back abnormal. Then Tues night he, he had a 20 min febrile seizure. The dr finally have given us Depakine and also pheno barb, but he wants us to give depakine for only 30 days. I am at a loss on what to do and will be having a consult with another Neuro. So I joined looking for support for Benaiah.

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