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Hello From Pennsylvania

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1Hello From Pennsylvania Empty Hello From Pennsylvania on Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:25 am


Hi Everyone- My Name KT and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in December 2009 at 24 year old. I am still not under control. Here is my story in a nut shell. I've had every blood test known to man and nothing was found, my blood sugar, cholestoleterol, CBC, SMA7 and Blood cultures am well past puberty, and no where near menopause and not pregnant so no of those are a factor. My MRI's were all normal the only abnormal tests were the EEGS. In about a month i am going into the hospital for a 72hr EEG where they are taking me off all my meds and leaving me on a continuous eeg monitor for 72hrs in hopes of pinpointing the exact location of seizures, In hopes to better locate the area my seizures are coming from i was just wondering if anyone ever found themselves in a similar situation? Seizure onset later in life? and not being abet to be controled by meds?

Enjoy the weeked and thank you

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