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support for parent of a child with epilepsy

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1support for parent of a child with epilepsy Empty support for parent of a child with epilepsy on Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:46 am


I am brand new to this and I am looking for support from other parents who hv a child with epilepsy, to share and tallk with me about how to cope with this medical condition. My son who is 13 now had seizures from day 3 of his birth. As he grows older, it seems to be taking its toll on me and I wonder if I am doing all the right things to help him thru it all. His seizures are pretty much under control but its all the other stuff that I sometimes find hard to cope with, not sure how to deal with it and I feel helpless at times. He is having learning difficulties and also low self esteem, social issues etc at school. Please talk to me so I can also learn and understand how to go about it. Thanks


Hi Rosanna

I'm a mum of a little girl with E and she has a speech and understanding delay of about 12 months.
If you need a chat please do contact me
Take care
Sophie x

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