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petit mal siezures

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1petit mal siezures Empty petit mal siezures on Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:31 pm


hi my 10 year old daughter has petit mal siezures or absent seizures are there any groups for moms like me to get info. or vent to. She feels so alone since she does not know anyone with this and often gets teased for what kids think are daydreams.thanks

2petit mal siezures Empty Re: petit mal siezures on Wed Dec 30, 2009 3:28 am


Hi Barbara
Has you probably seen in my post my daughter Anais also has petit mal and did and i think still have from timt to time absent seizure but they so short can't always be sure she does communicate well enough to tell us. what type of epilepsy has she got? and what meds is she taking?
could the school do a talk on Epilepsy so that the kids understand what is happening to your daughter? might stop the teasing
take care
Sophie xx

3petit mal siezures Empty Re: petit mal siezures on Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:37 pm


Thanks for your quick response. My daughter ally 10 yrs old is on 400mg of lamictal but still has breakthrough seizures. The seizure last under a minute and she will just stare as her eyes shake when it stops i have to remind her what she was saying or doing. We are changing her medication because the doctor feels she should be seizure free and we are at the maximum of lamictal for her body weight. On jan. 7 we are schedualed for an overnight eeg. Although i feel we should switch her to the depakote that the doctor recommends first. Side effects are a concern since her first med was zarontin and she became very angry and aggresive even talking about suicide. I read that these were possible side effects, when i told her doc. at the time she told me its not possible to send her to a thearopist. i changed doctors and meds and she was back to her old self within two weeks. Well its a year and a half and im still trying to find the right meds.
I will talk to the school about a discussion on seizures thats a great idea. Thanks so much.

4petit mal siezures Empty Re: petit mal siezures on Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:58 am


I know what you mean by the side effects Anais was first put on clobazam and to be honest felt like i'd lost my daughter it was her body but that is it. and then we introduce lamotigine and that did work but for about 3 months and we were increasing the dose until she was on 200mg. Now she's on Episenta (epilim) and still take lamotrigine but only 100 mg still to early to tell if it's fully control she's also wainting for a overnight EEG. Same here Anais started a first treatment end of sept 09.
Barbara does her seizures affect her learning?
We normally getting some support for Anais from jan 1 hour every day one to one. That is to help with her attention, communication and understanding.

Take care
Sophie xxx

Best of Luck

5petit mal siezures Empty Re: petit mal siezures on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:15 am


Hi Barabara

How r u and your daughter?

Did the school agreed to do a discussion about E?

Hope you all ok
Sophie xx

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